Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dennis residents get preference for housing?
For our public housing units, and our MRVP and Housing Choice Voucher Program, local preference is given to Dennis “residents”.

Who qualifies as a Dennis Resident?
Any applicant domiciled in Dennis on the date of the application, the date of the screening, and the date of the final certification. (Domicile shall mean that the applicant’s permanent address at the time of the application, screening, and final certification is in Dennis). The definition excludes temporary residence in Dennis or temporary residence with relatives or friends in Dennis at the time of application. Any person employed or about to be employed in Dennis on the date of the application and the date of final certification. This shall include self-employed persons who can demonstrate specific arrangements to carry out their employment activity in Dennis. Residence based on employment is not limited to permanent, continuous of full time employment.

How long of a wait is it to get public housing?
This is not an easy question to answer. The wait to get housing depends on many variables, (regulation, length of waitlist, preferences, etc.).

What are the qualifications for housing?
For all programs there are income limits (see the program/property page for specifics). In addition, all applicants must pass CORI, credit, sexual predator, and reference check.

Who qualifies for elderly housing?
A household whose head or spouse of sole member is at least 60 years of age for state-aided elderly housing.

Who qualifies as disabled?
For purposes of admission to public housing (24 CFR 912.2) a person who is under a disability as defined by Section 223 of the Social Security Act or in 42 U.S. Code Section 6001(5). In general, disability refers to limitation of the ability to work or presence of certain neurological conditions (see also Handicapped M.G.L. c.121B)

Who qualifies for the Veteran Preference?
A person who has served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Air Force for not less than 90 days active service. In family housing only, you may apply for Veteran preference if you are a Veteran, the spouse, surviving spouse, dependent parent or child or divorced spouse with dependent child of a veteran. For Elderly/Handicapped Housing only, you may apply for Veteran Preference if you are a Veteran who resides in the Town of Dennis.

Who qualifies as a family for the purpose of State-Aided Family Housing?
Two or more persons sharing residency whose income and resources are available to meet the family’s needs and who are related by blood, marriage, or operation of law, or who have otherwise evidenced a stable interdependent relationship.

What size unit is the family eligible for?
As a general rule, units will be assigned to applicants so that no less than 1 and no more than 2 persons will occupy a bedroom. Husbands and wives are expected to share a bedroom. Children of the same sex are expected to share a bedroom, as are children of the opposite sex under the age of 8. No assignments of units will be made which require use of living room for sleeping. (PLEASE NOTE - The Dennis Housing Authority only has 3 and 4 bedroom family housing units).

What is the income eligibility?
To be eligible to live in state aided public housing, a household must typically earn no more than 80% of the area median income. To be eligible for the Federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, a household must typically earn no more than 50% of the area median income.

How is rent determined?
The rent that a resident or family pays in public housing is based on household income and whether the costs of utilities are included or not. Residents of elderly/disabled DHA developments residents pay 30% of adjusted income which includes utilities. Residents of DHA family developments pay 27% of their adjusted income and they pay all utilities.

Can I, as an applicant, inquire about the status of my application?
No. Due to our heavy workload and call volume, DHA staff cannot accept requests either by phone or in person regarding positon on the Public Housing or Section 8 waiting lists. You will be contacted by mail when your application is nearing the top of the waitlist.